Resume for Ramsey Doudar

Marketing Manager

The G.Car Companies

Jun 2015 - Mar 2016

• Design brand assets, marketing materials, & advertisements for American Farms and Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary
• Design I502-compliant (WA) and NRS453A-compliant (NV) packaging for marijuana products
• Grow and manage social media presences for cultivators and retail businesses (dispensaries)
• Conceptualize & design cool new pot products, then turn them into a reality
• Advise cannabis business owners on how to improve marketing, branding, and promotional efforts
• Update LeaflyWeedMaps, and website menus on a daily basis


Customer Outreach Manager

Cannabis Training Institute

Mar 2014 - May 2015

• Design marketing materials & brand assets
• Develop marketing & advertising strategies
• Grow and manage social media presences
• Assist students with customer support inquiries


Marketing Manager

Life Gardens

Jul 2014 - Jan 2015

• Develop brand assets, marketing materials, and advertisements
Design I502-compliant labels and packaging for marijuana products (flower and joints)
• Establish, grow, and manage social media presences
• Set up and maintain printing/ packaging technology
• Write copy for all consumer-facing materials
• Design website user interface
• Research cannabis strains & name new breeds
• Trim cannabis flowers